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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry

Offshore Outsourcing India is a BPO company in India which has been established to provide finest possible solutions to its clients in Business Process Outsourcing-BPO-services. We believes that a satisfied and motivated team is the basis for satisfying and surpassing client expectations. This indian BPO provider caters to the BPO services of its clients spread across U.S., Europe and Australia. Offshoreoutsourcing India holds high business ethics with a commitment to total quality.

What is BPO?

All Outsourcing activities can be classified into three types. Basic/Traditional outsourcing services, which curb direct costs, such as hardware/software maintenance and operation costs. The second type of outsourcing helps lower "indirect" costs and achieve efficiencies in areas related to business processes This is termed Business Process Outsourcing . At the highest level, is the Business Transformation Outsourcing.

Simply put, BPO is the delegation of one or more business processes to an external provider who in turn provides services for the selected process based on certain defined and measurable performance criteria specified by your organization. This generally involves an organization's non-core processes.

Why Outsource?

BPO is growing because companies want to focus on their core businesses. Companies worldwide feel the need to shed their ancillary processes, free up internal resources to focus on their core business competencies.

BPO is a strategic management tool that can help organizations to improve process level efficiency and effectiveness, as well as reduce costs.

BPO Services in India

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can be defined as the transfer of an organization's entire non-core but critical business process/function to an external vendor who uses an IT-based service delivery. By doing so, BPO helps an organization concentrate on its core competencies, improve efficiency, reduce cost and improve shareholders' value. Though IT outsourcing has been happening for so many years, an increased momentum has been witnessed since the late 1990s due to the rise of Internet and Communication technologies. Several global giants from various industries have begun to realize the importance of BPO and have started outsourcing their non-core business functions. This has given rise to many specialized BPO vendors across the globe, with India being a major hub owing to its large computer-literate English-speaking population, low billing rates, strategically favorable time zone and high quality. The BPO market in India is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Offshore outsourcing India focused on quality has enabled it to offer the following advantages to outsourcing customer organizations:

  • Access to highly skilled personnel, who are even more qualified than personnel working for shared services centers in the existing parent location.
  • Access to service facilities by all divisions of a company (in the case of in-house providers) and across different companies (in the case of third party providers), facilitating the transfer of best practices across all of them
  • Dramatic improvements in process quality and productivity compared to those in the parent location

Continuous quality and productivity improvements—a year-on-year improvement in the process metrics

Our capabilities and talented team enable us to seamlessly pursue your specific needs and goals across any market or industry. We offer an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction across our world-class competencies viz. email response, real-time chat, call center services, knowledge management, customized CRM architecture and related value added services with a cost effective range of integrated customer care service. We assists companies in improving their efficiency by undertaking all their non-core document conversion requirements.

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