BIM Outsourcing Services

Offshore Outsourcing India is a leading BIM outsourcing company that provides effective and efficient BIM solutions to its clients globally. Our team of skilled and expert BIM consultants is experienced and trained enough in providing accurate BIM services along with proper guidance in the right direction as well as with the right proportion of professional efficiency and streamlined software. With a success ratio of 100%, we have been one of the recommended and trusted BIM consulting services company.

Building information modelling (BIM) or BIM modelling services are quite a buzzword in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. It facilitates the entire process of BIM services, that is, from its start to its end, and this is only by means that are understandable to everyone in digital mode. BIM Coordination Services tends to be an add-on service that coordinates the whole process through information modelling and information management. BIM services add importance and glitz to the construction process. Our BIM consultants as well as BIM Coordination Services have been formulating and establishing the execution of various building information modelling services from India for our global clients as well as national consumers.

Our BIM Services include :

BIM Outsourcing Services Architectural BIM Services Structural BIM Services Mechanical BIM Services
Electrical BIM Services Plumbing BIM Services Point Cloud BIM Services BIM Clash Detection
BIM Prefabrication Fabrication 3D and 4D CAD Building Modeling Services 4D Construction Planning or 4D BIM Services BIM Engineering Services
BIM Coordination Services BIM MEP Services 5D BIM Services 6D BIM Services

Offshore Outsourcing India one of the best bim modelling services providers usually propelled by the idea of improving the quality of building infrastructure and designing top-notch quality that is accompanied by an affordable cost. Building Information Modeling or BIM Services is utilized by every member whether it’s building owners, contractors, teams of designers and engineers, facility managers, etc. Involved in the project at various stages of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction projects. Here at Offshore Outsourcing India, BIM is offered for various areas of the real estate business sector.

Being a beneficial BIM Consulting Services company, our delivery of BIM shop drawings and designs itself is efficient enough that we assure our potential customers that adopting BIM services through us always be a guaranteed promise. Our working process and stages are distributed in various parts.

  • Creation of BIM models of various types for instance MEP Modeling, Architectural Modeling, Structural Modeling, and Infrastructure Modeling.
  • Hi-quality visualization of Construction Sequences, Presentation Videos, Modeling of Digital Mapping, Rendering, and Walkthrough.
  • Clash Detection within the same discipline or different discipline
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Linking the model with project schedules

The BIM Consultants team of Offshore Outsourcing India has been working on a wide variety of projects. Throughout every project, accurate and detailed information is available with clear communication between the teams involved in the project. Our clarity and management are the topmost reason that we are frequently chosen a BIM Outsourcing firm to handle the BIM projects though there are other qualities also that make us the topmost choice.

BIM Shop Drawing Services| BIM Shop Drawing Outsourcing Services Provider | BIM Services

Offshore Outsourcing India is the leading name in the market providing BIM shop drawing services to its clients across the globe. The company with experience for over a decade-plus has been one of the recommended and trusted BIM Shop Drawing Outsourcing Services Providers for all types of small and big BIM services or BIM projects. Before the start-up of any BIM project, it is necessary to have proper and clash-free final BIM shop drawings of the BIM model to make the work easier and simpler. The team of BIM engineers and drafters in-house are trained and versatile enough in providing BIM solutions to clients about BIM drawings and design.

The company adheres to following all the necessary shop drawing outsourcing services software required to create, design, and draft BIM shop drawings and BIM models. Being one of the trusted BIM Shop Drawing Firms as well as BIM Shop drawing consultants we understand the need and concepts of the clients in terms of what they demand in their BIM project and how we can provide them with the required details.

Not only this but across the globe, major AEC companies have started acknowledging the concept of undertaking BIM shop drawing CAD services for their project and for the same hiring outsourcing shop drawing companies who can easily and accurately create 2D BIM shop drawings for the project as this is the initial stage of the work and hence once the first level of work is completed, the team proceeds further with creating 3D Shop Drawing and 4D Shop Drawing for BIM models.

BIM Services | BIM Coordination Services | BIM Coordination Company

Offshore Outsourcing India is the preferred and one-stop BIM services provider offering highly accurate, detailed, and spatially BIM coordination services for engineers, AEC companies, MEP consultants, and contractors for all small and big construction projects.

The in-house team of BIM engineers, designers, and drafters adhere to follow BIM coordination software that is required for successful and data-driven details for the BIM projects. Our BIM coordination shop drawings services have proven to be effective and highly recommended services when it comes to selecting BIM coordination service providers in India offering their services globally.

With a team of highly skilled and expert engineers, we have proven to be one of the best BIM coordination companies or BIM coordination firms to our global clientele. Our spatial BIM Coordination drawings have proven to be reliable and are built for the team of architects, contractors, engineers, construction project managers, and sub-contractors for construction and engineering projects. Not only this but we also ensure in providing informative and data-driven BIM coordination services that are designed error-free and this is due to the use of BIM clash detection services. Our error-free and clash-free BIM model designed helps our clients in saving time, energy, and cost of investment.

Being one of the leading BIM coordination companies we understand the importance of the designated project and thus with the help of augmented software we analyze as well as resolve the clashes with the use of required software and technology that gives proper constructability reviews and online BIM coordination meetings. Not only this but by selecting us as your BIM coordination services firm we also provide as well integrate 3D BIM coordination services and 4D BIM coordination services for the said BIM model.

Revit BIM Modelling Services | Revit BIM Modeling Engineering Company

Offshore Outsourcing India is a customer-centric Revit BIM Modeling Service provider that provides comprehensive and qualitative Revit BIM modelling services. The company started its operation in 2008 to provide the best solutions to clients who are in the construction field and all this with the process of aligning innovative strategies as per their business needs and requirements.

With this commitment to providing Architectural BIM Service to our clients globally, we have become one of the recommended Revit BIM Modeling firms. Our Revit BIM Modeling drawing services give a clear and 360-degree view of the entire model and this is possible with the help of integrating BIM 3D software. With this concept of delivering the services, we also provide a list of Revit BIM services that play an important role in the overall concept and ideology of providing BIM services as per the current market trend.

Our team of Revit BIM engineers utilizes a wide range of expertise in creating and developing accurate 3D BIM models and along with that providing reliable BIM design solutions that work across. Not only this but while working on Revit BIM modelling services we as Revit BIM Modeling consultants also share the information on the level of details that works differently and accurately on a different level of detailing that ranges from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

BIM 360 Design Services | BIM 360 Design CAD Services

Offshore Outsourcing India is the trusted BIM outsourcing company that provides BIM 360 Design Services to its clients globally. Being one of the leading BIM engineering company we provide detailed and accurate BIM 360 design CAD services that is very well integrated into BIM project. The latest and newest form of BIM 360 design services has indeed changed the entire concept and ideology of switching to the advanced and next-gen level of BIM Service that makes the work simpler, easier, and faster.

Being BIM 360 design outsourcing services providers we adhere to follow the software Autodesk and Revit that is required in the process of designing and drafting 2D and 3D BIM models, Structural BIM outsourcing services for BIM projects. It is that the contractors, designers, engineers, and stakeholders of the project demand to have a real-time view of their project details, and thus for the same, they demand to use the latest set of software and work that fulfils their requirements. This is where we give options to the client and integrate BIM 360 design Autodesk services that help to get real-time updates and details of their BIM project.

The concept of BIM 360 design services is known to be one of the fastest and securest cloud-based services that share the complete workflow of the project and its details with the clients time by time. Not only this but with the help of Autodesk BIM 360 services preconstruction workflow of the entire BIM project can be known and also this process will be including the integration of BIM coordination services.

Moving further, BIM 360 Design services is incomplete without undertaking the below-mentioned stages and they are listed below.

  • BIM 360 Design
  • BIM 360 Glue / Pre-Construction
  • BIM 360 Build / Field- Execution
  • BIM 360 OPS / Handover and Operations
  • BIM 360 Docs

BIM Revit Family Creation Services | Revit BIM Modeling Engineering Company

When it comes to outsourcing BIM Revit Family Creation Services the leading name that is recommended by our clients globally is none other than Offshore Outsourcing India. The company with experience for a decade-plus is indeed one of the trusted BIM families creation service providers adhering to following all the necessary software and codes and is specialized in delivering expertise work as per the client’s projects needs and requirements.

The process of creating 3D Revit BIM modelling requires a team of expert BIM modellers as well as Revit modellers who have sound knowledge of the service and can create the geometric drawings and design of the family at the core. We and our company have a team of expert and smart engineers who can focus entirely on their work and that is with regards to the creation of Revit families for the projects and with the assurance of highly qualitative input.

While outsourcing BIM services or connecting with HVAC BIM outsourcing services we understand the importance of the work and thus ensure to share the details with the clients about the technicalities and crucial parts of the said Revit BIM services. Not only this but while undertaking Revit BIM modelling drawings services we use the software of Autodesk Corp. and the core responsibility of the software is to create basic parametric families for millwork drawings and furniture shop drawings. With the help of these drawings, the team of architects, builders, manufacturers, designers, engineers, etc are entirely dependent on the accurate and proper creation of Revit BIM families.

Scan to BIM Services | Scan To BIM Outsourcing Company | Point Cloud to BIM Services

At Offshore Outsourcing India we have a team of highly skilled and trained professionals who are accurate in providing Scan-to-BIM services to clients who are looking for the scan to BIM outsourcing services with the integration of required software like CAD, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, and more. The company since its inception in 2008, is been providing detailed and accurate point cloud to BIM services that integrate potential technologies and international standards of the work.

The company has an in-house team of engineers who closely work with the clients and based on their needs and requirement provides 3D scanned data even for the smallest details of the building to avoid the visit to the site again and again. With experience for over a decade-plus, the company has worked on numerous BIM projects along with buildings that require retrofitting or refurbishment.

While outsourcing Point Cloud To BIM Drawing Services our team ensures to have a thorough understanding of the BIM design and drawings that are being shared by the clients and based on that create 3D BIM models for those with the use of LOD services if required. With a success ratio of 100%, we have been the leading Scan to BIM services company for our clients worldwide.

LOD Services - Level of Development Outsourcing Company

Offshore Outsourcing India is recommended LOD BIM consultants in India to provide its services globally. Since the inception of LOD BIM Services, the working method for BIM engineers has been easier and quicker. Being a level of development engineering services company we adhere to follow the required concept and ideology of level of development and implement the same in Outsourcing BIM Clash Detection Services if the same is required while reviewing the drawings submitted by the client.

The level of development is the newest and the latest industry standards that provide different stages that need to be undertaken in every construction project. The team of BIM LOD engineers and designers create 3D models of the design that is with the use of augmented software and which gives proper understanding to the respective team personnel to achieve the desired result for the services and that too with the adherence of disciplines to be followed.

Being one of the leading levels of development outsourcing services provider we work on all types of LOD levels and those are from LOD 100 to LOD 500

  • LOD 100 - Pre-Design Stage
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 - Design Development
  • LOD 400 - Construction Stage
  • LOD 500 - As-Built Models

Mass Timber Building Services | BIM Services Provider

When it comes to outsourcing mass timber building house design the leading name that is recommended by our clients is none other than Offshore Outsourcing India. The company uses the latest tools and technology that are required while designing and drafting mass timber building designs and mass timber building shop drawings. The company with its inception in the year 2008 is been providing BIM services globally. Later with the change in technology and accepting the ideology companies across have started constructing mass timber buildings or mass timber buildings.

The company is a mass timber outsourcing services company that provides full-fledged details and assistance to its clients when working on mass timber building design projects. Not only this but with the use of CAD software we also help in providing details that are being demanded by the clients. Thus, with this said if the client wants to use mass timber CAD services then also the company has the option available for BIM Prefabrication outsourcing services.

Further mass timber construction work is defined in different levels of work that is undertaken into the project based on its needs and requirements.

  • Holz Building Elements (HBE)
  • Glulam Timber (GLT)
  • Cross- Laminated Timber (CLT)
  • Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam)

Why us

  • Flawless Execution
  • Updated and powerful software tools
  • Accurate Cost Estimation
  • Well defined construction planning and simulation
  • On-site checking and cost-effective pricing
  • Quick procedure and on-time delivery of alloted projects
  • Excellent eye on detailing and capable of working on most intricate projects

For any requirements or query please feel free to connect with us or stop by our main branch as mentioned in Contact Us. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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