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ISome of the quotes given by some experts are given below.

Bill Gates, Microsoft says, "If we are not realistic about what we are good at, then there is a chance of going backwards in the face of further competition... Innovative companies need to look at which things they should do offshore and what they should do at home"

"For Microsoft, outsourcing has been a way to temper the expansion of our work force & reduce management overhead. I hope this keeps us from growing big in the wrong areas and becoming ineffective through too much overhead."

According to Tom Peters “one should do what he does best and outsource the rest”.

According to Harvard Business Review "Today, outsourcing is not just a trend but it is a fundamental part of how clever companies do business. This concept has developed into a wider concept. It now connotes a strategic relationship between partners, with shared risks and goals - a relationship in which a company concentrates on its core business and relies on outsourcing partnerships to get the rest done. Unless managers periodically revise how they make sourcing decisions and how resources get allocated - they can find themselves... starving what is core".