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The procedural team at Offshore Outsourcing India has a magnificent experience of creating database applications, setting them up and using different databases, from small and fast MySQL; used for small projects, to large and efficient Oracle database servers with complex structure.

The creation of complete database applications is one of the fields that we specialize in. Database Applications add lucrative functionality to your Web site, functions that people might otherwise perform. Database applications involve a Web page that talks with a database in order to provide the information your visitor’s request. We program our Web Database applications in Active Server Pages (ASP) that are designed for the Internet Information Server linked with Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 platform. Dynamic database driven websites built using Active Server Pages, Dreamweaver, VBScript, JavaScript, MS Access and MS SQL. A stable, scalable application starts with good database design and a proven approach to project life cycle management.Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL offers the web developers a combination of theoretical and practical information on creating web database applications. Using PHP, and MySQL, which are two open source technologies, are often combined to develop web applications. Each database is custom tailored to suit any and all of your database needs by Utilizing MySQL and PHP languages.

Web Database Application

Our administrative team at Offshore Outsourcing India has a massive experience in Database Application Development, for using and setting up of different databases, from small and fast MySQL, which are used for small projects, to huge and efficient Oracle database servers with complex structure. We can also provide with resources onsite or offsite, with a varied experience in Oracle Solutions, as Database Consultants and in particular as Oracle Consultants. We have a squad of developers with strong database management background and MySQL programming experience equipped with the latest technologies to design your web and custom applications quickly and affordably.

We have proven skills with SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL and other relational database systems and also offer application development using Visual Basic, Java, C# and PHP. We have in store database administrators who perform remote setting up and administration of our customers' database servers.

Armed with the requisite skill and experience, we are the safest bets for your organization providing applications in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. We will find out what your requirements are, by finding out the information you need to collect, store and report on. Based on your business needs and business processes, we will design and implement a data solution for your business. By reflecting well planned out business policies and building a relational database, you can influence your data to maximize durability, speed and scalability. We take pride to have acquired a major position in providing well-furnished database applications to our clients in India as well as in countries abroad.

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