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In today’s progressive world managing and continuously keeping your website's contents current has become the most crucial and serious task. IT industry has found a solution for the problem by bringing up the concept of Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a full-featured Web content management system (WCM) prepared for small-to-medium-sized organizations and enables non-technical team members to create, edit and manage Web site content visually without making use of HTML, yet provides site administrators with coarse control over access, rights and publishing.

Writing your own CMS, on the other hand, can lead to a solution that is better suited to your requirements, better addresses the needs of your users, and is better understood by your development team. The system we create will be written using the PHP programming language, which excels in the development of Web-based systems. We will be using MySQL as the database server, but the system will be written to allow the use of alternative databases, such as SQL Server.

Prime Features Content Management System (CMS):

The main feature of this CMS will be a WYSIWYG Editor, (What You See is What You Buy) with the help of which the user can be able to make real-time HTML edits to the website. The WYSIWYG support ensures that the user is able to see the output in the exact format as it is to be published.

We provides access permissions so that you retain total control over which users have access to which parts of Offshore Outsourcing India

Scheduled Publishing
We also Schedule your documents to be published and unpublished to and from your website at given dates, which you configure.

Free Support
Free support is provided via the Support Forums giving you access to a library of information and solutions, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its supports unlimited Web sites, users and workflow automation, for growth management.

Unlimited Functionality
The functionality is virtually unlimited as we allow you to add your own PHP code, via Snippets.

Template Driven
Template Based coding so that presentation layer in front end will be coupled with the logical programming.

Your content is delivered enclosed within fully customizable templates, giving you a seamless join between your content, and what your visitors experience.

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