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CAD Services

CAD Services

We offer a wide range of CAD based services across the industries that assure the quality and affordability in the same line. This incredible combination is rare to find amongst the contemporaries . Our team of expert professionals is well-aware with the latest and upgraded software that leads us towards the better and successful future. Our main expertise is Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering, HVAC Services, Shop Drawing services and Building Information Modeling (BIM)....

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Apps

Our specialization for mobile application is a boon as the current generation is quickly moving towards the mobile-centric life. In this kind of circumstances, a strong, adaptable and multi-purpose app is all one wants in their smartphone. We are mainly expert in every major OS is driven equipment namely Windows, IOS and Android. Along with tie-up with major mobile brands, we are specialized in Mobile cross platforms such as Unity 3D Game Development, Unity 3D Game Development, Unity Mobile Game Development, Mobile App Development with Corona, Mobile App use PhoneGap and Titanium Mobile App Dev...

Web Technologies Services

Web Technologies

We are a leading IT-centric firm that caters the need of IT based requirement which is a must have for any IT field. Our expert professionals are dedicated, passionate and hard-working that squeezes the best of technology and caters to our valuable clients. Along with best in the industry we also inspire and train the young minds in order to contribute healthily towards the Web developments. Our main services in Web Technology includes the Web Development, PHP MySQL, Open Source, Web Design and some major operating systems such as Microsoft...


Architectural Engineering deals with the projects of designing and takes care right from the conception to completion. We offer a wide variety of services across the industry that provided with the assurance of execution within the allotted time limit. Along with the courteous service quality, we have a flexible and all-around niche of Architectural Engineering such as Architectural Rendering, Architectural Designing, and Architectural Drawings etc.

Structural Engineering is mainly the sub-division of Civil Engineering that primarily focuses on construction, design, bulldozing of durable structures, assessment, supervision, restoration, research, and planning. With such a vast functions of Structural Engineering, we have various types of ingrained with us,for instance, Structural CAD Drawings, Structural Steel Design and Structural Beam Calculation and so on.

Building Information Modeling is the latest buzz in Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. We have got the thorough knowledge and experience of BIM that aptly and excellently executed by our engineers and technicians. The whole process of Building Information Modeling is divided into several divisions that look after the every aspect of construction that starts from right from inception of design to the procedure after the completion.

Welcome to Offshore Outsourcing India

Offshore Outsourcing India

Offshore Outsourcing India is mainly specialized in CAD and IT based services. We function with the goal to cater an innovative, cost-effective and swift technological advancements. Our team has the certified engineers, designers and technicians that work with the goal to have a better and faster outcome. We offer an A-Z CAD based solution and that reaches across the various Industries. Our main CAD services include Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Piping Engineering, HVAC Engineering, Shop Drawing services, Detailing and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Within the IT circle, we have a talented and skilled team of PHP Programmers, PHP developers India, ASP Programmers, Programmers, AJAX Programmers, Website Developer, Website designer to provide the high quality E-commerce website Design & Development Solution, IT outsourcing solution, Yahoo Store Design, offshore software outsourcing and website development services.

Offshore Outsourcing India look after the CAD and Information Technology based services hand in hand. Our strength lies in the focus, dedication, and passion that our expert professionals imbibe with each project. The expert knowledge of our workers and staffs drives us towards the path of success and glory.

CAD Outsourcing Services

Architectural Engineering Services
Architectural Engineering
A discipline that focuses on the concept and theory of building design and construction. It is mainly carried out by engineers and architects as it defines the amalgamation of both technical construction and creative designing.
Structural/Civil Engineering Services
Structural/Civil Engineering
Structural and Civil Engineering goes hand in hand as former is the sub-category of later. It involves the inspection and designing of physical objects. Structural/Civil Engineering mainly focuses on strength of the structure.
MEP Engineering Services
MEP Engineering
It is the perfect composition of Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing that takes care of this 3 mentioned aspect of a structure. The blending of three important areas of a building makes it the most important discipline of the construction process.
BIM Engineering
BIM Engineering
Building Information Modeling is a process that looks after the every facet of construction spans from conception to estimation to scheduling. Even it is utilized after the fruition of construction process.
Shop Drawing/Steel Fabrication Services
Shop Drawing/Steel Fabrication
Shop Drawing is the set of drawings that displays the structures of fabricated steel such as structural steel, trusses, pre-cast, windows etc. Shop Drawing is not the area of engineers rather it is mainly produced by manufacturer or contractor.
Dedicated Resources of Engineers
Dedicated Resources
Our team of expert engineers, designers and technicians are well-aware of technology and latest innovations. We are the team of dedicated and passionate professionals who delivers the top-notch quality with best technical inputs.
 Web Development Services
  • Web Expert

  • Mobile Expert

Offshore Outsourcing India continuously innovates faster and more effective methods to design and develop web sites at very competitive rates with unrivaled quality and reliability. All our design and development is customized and tailored to your business requirement. We build custom e-commerce web sites for our clients. Moreover we avoid the usage of such shortcut like unpleasant web design and methodology that compromise with the quality of your website. Offshore Outsourcing India offers a wide range of E-commerce web application suitable for selling your product(s) on the Internet.

One of our main ecommerce programs is an open-source shopping program, which is probably the most elastic and full-featured e-commerce application available on the Internet.

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