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OffShore Outsourcing is a leading firm that is progressing towards the CAD and IT based services. Our team of professional experts is well-trained, knowledgeable and diversely experienced that drives us to the path of favorable results and innovativeness. Our primary goal is to carry through the dream of customers and change into reality.

Plumbing Piping Engineering is one of the important facets of structures because it is essential for sanitation, cleanliness and hygiene measures. OffShore Outsourcing provides the technical prowess in engineering, design, construction and analysis of plumbing and piping instruments and their installation inside the structures. We provide deliver Plumbing Piping Engineering Services beyond the various industry:

  • Plumbing Piping Service
  • Plumbing Piping Drafting
  • Plumbing Drawing
  • Plumbing Piping Design outsourcing
  • Plumbing Estimation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Piping Supports
  • As-Built/Drawing Updates
  • Pipe Corrosion Mitigation
  • Pipe Failure Analysis

Effluent Treatment Plant caribbean

Effluent Treatment Plant is the lifeline of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry as a maximum of chemical is expelled from this industry which makes the water venomous. To erase the toxic and non-toxic unwanted contents from water, Effluent Treatment Plant is utilized to cleanse the water. During the mass production of drugs, various effluents and contaminants are produced. This is where Effluent Treatment Plant Operation comes in action as it removes the organics, debris, dirt, grit, pollution, toxic, non-toxic materials, polymers etc. from narcotics, stimulants, and other sedated stuff. Our Effluent Treatment Plant Services implement the complete Effluent Treatment Plant Process that offer an efficient and systematic Effluent Treatment Plant Management Services where every stage of the process is minutely scrutinized with the goal of a fruitful Effluent Treatment Plant Design. Being a reputable CAD based organization; our main aim is to create a model such as Effluent Treatment Plant Plumbing that should lead clear and feasible consent for our valuable clients.

Our Key Services :

  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Operation
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Process
  • Effluent Treatment Plant System
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Management Services
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Plumbing
Effluent Treatment Plant Design caribbean, Effluent Treatment Plant Process caribbean, Effluent Treatment Plant System caribbean, Effluent Treatment Plant Plumbing caribbean, Effluent Treatment Plant Management Services caribbean

Industrial Wastewater Treatment caribbean

Industrial Wastewater Treatment focuses on operation and methods that taken to consider the wastewater discharged as an aftermath of Industrial or commercial activities. After the implementation of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Methods, the recovered waste water can be utilized within the environment in the form of sanitary sewer or surface water. Our Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services helps the clients to meet the ever increasing environmental, governing and financial pressures. We utilize the best of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technologies that offers an efficient and powerful solution. A systematic Industrial Wastewater Method, make us realize the vision and offer an advanced Industrial Wastewater Treatment Services.

Our Key Services :

  • Clarification/Filtration
  • Advanced Oxidation (WAO)
  • Wet Air Oxidation (WAO)
  • Physical/Chemical Treatment
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Oil/water separation

Sewage Treatment Plant caribbean

Sewage Treatment Plant Operation is one of the main constituent of Plumbing Engineering that requires the detachment of pollutants and dirtiness from the water especially the water discharged from the household. Being a top-notch Sewage Treatment Plant Company, We consider the Sewage Treatment Plant Management Services as environmental responsibility towards the water. Our service range of Wastewater Treatment Plant split into Sewage Treatment Plant System and Sewage Treatment Plant Plumbing.

Our Key Services :

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Operation
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Process
  • Sewage Treatment Plant System
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Services
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Management Services
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Plumbing

Storm Water Network caribbean

Storm Water is principally the water that generates during the precipitation and snow melt. Further, this water immersed into soil and clutch over the surface and evaporates whereas in urban environment, storm water is distinguished as water that flows on the surface after rain. Most of the time, there is a deterrent between the surface and rain water such as roofs, roads and footpaths that put a stop to the storm water from soaking into the surface. Our Storm Water Network Services is contributed across the industry and around the globe. We execute the different stages of Storm Water Network Process that defines our path breaking Storm Water Network Design and Storm Water Network Management Services.

Our Key Services :

  • Storm Water Network Services
  • Storm Water Network Process
  • Storm Water Network Design
  • Storm Water Network Management Services

Water Supply Sewage Network caribbean

Offshore Outsourcing is a leading figure in Water Supply Sewage Network where Water Supply and Sewerage Network Design are created efficiently and innovatively that leads to better health and sanitation. Our Water Supply and Sewerage Network Services are carried out by our skilled and expert professionals who execute the Water Supply and Sewerage Network Process in step by step mode. Our Supply and Sewerage Network Management Services cater a top-notch qualified experience where the client experiences the benchmark and assurance of our service.

Our Key Services :

  • Water Supply and Sewerage Network Services
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Network Management Services
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Network Process
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Network Design

At Offshore Outsourcing, success happens when right people and leading knowledge combined to diagnose the problem and create the solution with utmost dedication and hard work. Our working process leads to meet the core challenges and connects with lead knowledge in a manner that addresses the problematic areas of concerned expertise.

Why Us:

  • Availability of engineer whenever required
  • Licensed Software
  • Certified technicians
  • Clients data privacy
  • Budget-friendly Pricing
  • Direct communication between client and project manager of ongoing project
  • Timely Delivery
  • Standardized service with top notch Quality

For any further query or information, please refer our contact details. Call or stop by at Offshore Outsourcing at any time. We are available 24/7 and 365 days in a year.

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