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Offshore Outsourcing India, since its inception, has been thriving on innovation and its adherence to for high quality and the standard of customer satisfaction. We are a leading organization that offers thorough CAD based services. Our team of expert professionals is well-learned, certified and variedly experienced to handle every size and sort of project that includes Mega Sky-high complicated buildings to Minor improvisation in layout and drawings of a structure. We have done it all to turn the dream of somebody into reality. We are not only confined to Indian sub-continent but also reaching towards the International market. Along with a reputable service provider, we also play the role of guiding light for young minds to help them to understand the intricacies of CAD in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry at the professional level.

Our Plant Engineering team incorporates engineers experienced in the design and maintenance of Structure of Chemical Plants. A chemical Plant is a chemical process plant that generates chemical in a large scale. The general target of chemical plants is to produce chemical asset through the chemical or biological transformation or separation of material. Our Chemical Plant Services is one of the strong and efficient services of Chemical Project Services. Within the Chemical Plant Services, we also offer Chemical Plant Steel Structure and Virtual Chemical Plant as a subsidiary of Chemical Plant Services. Our Chemical Plant design is lucid, clear and coherent that is well understandable by clients. Our Chemical Plant Design always highlights the problematic area. Throughout the whole project, our Chemical Plants Consultant guides the engineers to obtain the best results.

Our Structural Chemical Plant Services:

  • Chemical Plants Services
  • Chemical Project Services
  • Steel Structure Chemical Plants
  • Virtual Chemical Plants
  • Chemical Plant Design
  • Structure for Chemical Plants

Chemical Plant Industry reaches an acceptance for a very advanced set of regulatory demands concerning not only Chemical Plant Design but also construction and maintenance. Chemical Plant Industry is the most productive industry by joining the construction and maintenance. Our chemical plant design focuses on efficiencies of intelligent layout that leads to the improvement in the chemical plant construction. Our service helps the customers to plan the whole project right from the proposal to construction with rapid results and less cost. Offshore Outsourcing India holds the best practices information and streamlined workflow process from the first stage to the last stage.

Our Methods:

  • 3D Modeling and Visualization
  • Engineering and Schematics
  • Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction
  • Information Management

We Offer:

  • Chemical Plant specification and detailed design
  • Civil upgrades
  • Batching system design and integration
  • Programming
  • Front-End Engineering
  • Modular Design/Fabrication
  • Chemical plant modifications and troubleshooting
  • Chemical plant equipment specification and selection
  • Process modeling/simulation and custom computer applications
  • Distillation and Evaporation
  • Process control and instrumentation

Offshore Outsourcing India serves the AEC Industry in a wide variety. We take the process technology and scale it up with sacrificing the quality aspect. We are experienced at the complete usage of technical, operational and commercial specifications. We combine these specifications with our knowledge of process and integration of knowledge and hard work.

Why Us:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Believes in transfer of knowledge not just basic training and work
  • Open Door Client Policy
  • Cost-Savior
  • Safety and faster project delivery
  • Constant new innovation
  • Clear-Cut Communication

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